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Nonprofit Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation

DebtWave - Nonprofit Credit Counseling, Credit Card Debt Management & Student Loan Consolidation

It is our passion at DebtWave to provide you with the best education and most appropriate programs to manage your debt and enhance your credit potential. Because we know how difficult it is to reduce debt, we want to make it easier by offering services that are both informative and practical for you.

For those seeking credit card debt relief, DebtWave, a leader in nonprofit financial education services, provides credit counseling, a debt management program, student loan consolidation and bankruptcy counseling.

The First 3 Steps — Debt Consolidation & More

number-icon-1 Tell Us Your Situation
Whether you are financially stressed beyond belief or simply want to ask us a quick question, our certified credit counselors are ready to listen to you.

number-icon-2 We’ll Evaluate Your Needs
After hearing about your personal situation, we will educate you on each of your options, including debt consolidation, that is available to you so that you can make an informed decision to improve your financial well being.

number-icon-3 Provide You A Customized Action-Plan
We can create a plan to help you achieve your financial goals such as paying off your credit card debt within 5 years or cutting back on some monthly expenses.
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Client Testimonials

It Was a Stress Free Process!

"I am so glad that I began this program with Debtwave. I was continually paying on credit cards and they were not decreasing at all because of the high interest...

- Thelma

Thank God for This Program!

I was very skeptical at first, but the credit card debt was so overwhelming, especially with this economy. The peace that comes with knowing that you only have this one...

- Fonda

DebtWave Has Turned My Life Around

DebtWave Credit Couseling has turned my life around.  As a college student it was veryeasy to turn to credit cards for books, supplies and even every commute to andfrom school....

- Justin Mata

DebtWave Has Been a Lifeline

This program has been a lifeline for us. We started a small business and much of our debt was the result of this business. We have always had excellent credit,...

- Patricia Ann Almany

Over the Moon!

COMPLETELY happy! The debt cloud that was hanging over my head is gone. Learned to manage my bills, and what not to do again. Thank you!

- Margaret

Very Happy With the Program

We are very happy with the program. Every month we see our debt shrinking. It is comforting knowing there is a plan that will get us out of the credit...

- Louis and Amy

DebtWave Has Given Me Hope

The DebtWave Credit Counseling Program has not only helped me financially but has given me hope of paying off some high balances that I have accumulated throughout my four years...

- Justin

Overall Satisfaction

My overall satisfaction with Debtwave's Debt Management Program is outstanding. I can't believe how painless it was to have Debtwave handle all my debt. I am grateful for all the...

- Alberto Alonso

I Have My Life Back

I was very surprised that they treated me like a real person and not just a number.  I am so happy that they could help me. I did not know...

- Pat Shamblin

Happy To Work With DebtWave

I'm very happy I decided to work with Debtwave. I feel like a weight has been lifted off me, and I'm looking forward to being debt free and I could'nt...

- Dawn Bond

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Debt Calculator

A debt calculator is a great tool for estimating monthly payments. Using a debt calculator can help you understand your financial situation. Try one of our debt calculators now.

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DebtWave Credit Counseling helps you reduce your debt through credit counseling services, credit card consolidation, and other debt management programs. We offer debt calculators, including credit card debt calculators, and other tools to guide you properly. Our debt consolidation programs are designed to help you get out of debt as quickly as possible. Call us today.



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